Performance web hosting

Performance web hosting

Hosting Salad offers website hosting solutions on only the best hardware available. We use best quality, HP ProLiant DL360 hardware designed for continuous high performance loads. This ensures performance and stability for the customer websites.

Not only the hardware is needed to ensure best results, that is why we configure our servers with additional caching and optimization software like Google’s page speed module and Varnish cache.

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Website speed impacts search ranking

Nowadays search engines ranking calculations is very complex. But most important are content, domain authority (backlinks) and page speed. It’s a common mistake to forget page speed and concentrate only on content or backlinks building.

We witnessed numerous occasions when site manages to rise in rankings only because of website speed. The opportunity to gain additional boost  in rankings without creating new content is convenient. That’s when performance web hosting come in handy.

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Website optimization

Sometimes using only performance web hosting is not enough to achieve maximum result. If your website is poorly coded, contains errors or was coded without optimization in mind you need to optimize it. Think of what problems your visitors can face.

For example if your site contains a lot of uncompressed images, the visitor especially with slower internet can wait long period of time till it finished downloading the content. By compressing the images and using lazy load technique you can improve the visitor experience.

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Performance web hosting
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