Website optimization

Website optimization

Sometimes using only performance web hosting is not enough to achieve maximum result. If your website is poorly coded, contains errors or was coded without optimization in mind you need to optimize it. Think of what problems your visitors can face.

For example if your site contains a lot of uncompressed images, the visitor especially with slower internet can wait long period of time till it finished downloading the content. By compressing the images and using lazy load technique you can improve the visitor experience.

There is popular opinion that if website loads more than 5 seconds most of the people just leave the web site and tried the different web site. It is true, in this case only original content may save you, if the visitor really needs that information he will wait. Improve your page speed by optimizing, you will gain permanent boost even if you choose other hosting later. But keep in mind our optimization is designed for our server software and it may not be so effective in different hosting provider servers.

We specialize on WordPress and Prestashop content management systems optimization. If you have different cms please contact use and we most likely still be able to offer some website optimization plan.

If you have any questions please contact us without hesitation.

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