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Web hosting using high performance hardware

Hosting Salad offers website hosting solutions on only the best hardware available. We use best quality, HP ProLiant DL360 hardware designed for continuous high performance loads. This ensures performance and stability for the customer websites.

Not only the hardware is needed to ensure best results, that is why we configure our servers with additional caching and optimization software like Google’s page speed module and Varnish cache.

Servers are located in Tier III data center with optimal climate control and gas extinguishing systems, physical protection and access control. Fully redundant dual power, actual SSD drives and redundant network interfaces ensures stability guaranteed by our 99.95% system and network uptime (SLA).

Our backup system is free for all plans. We maintain monthly, weekly and daily backups of your website files, email, databases and even your account configuration settings. These backups are kept on separate system for security and peace of mind.

If your site needs additional tools, we will try our best to provide it to you. Our support staff is highly trained and have experience in programming. We can even help you out with your website optimization.

Our mission to provide the best possible environment for websites. Hosting salad.

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Why Choose Us

Our equipment is top grade allowing us to provide fast and reliable hosting services. We are using HP Smart arrays RAID arrays with SSD cache. Servers are maintained and monitoring 24/7 and ensures 99.95% yearly up time. Our servers also are equipped with additional optimization software too.

All our plans have free backup system and some optimization tools. We also do not limit the website bandwidth (fair bandwidth usage policy). You start with the 5 GB disk space with SSD cache. Higher plans offer free automatic SSL certificates, anti-spam tools and even your website optimization by our team.

Ever been in situation when you hosting provider refuses to help because of limited server configuration? We can see into the problem and provide the solution. We have already made custom works and installed different modules for our client projects.

All our clients are important, so we provide fast support via live chat at work hours or ticketing system. Our team is highly trained and have experience in programming. We also made some common questions database you can use right away.

Customer Reviews

Vertimų akademija

Team is very professional and understanding. Using their services for years without any issues.

Kompiuterių taškas

Fast, reliable and not expensive. Glad we made a decision to choose this hosting web provider.

Windowspro site

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Really fast servers and a free automatic SSL helped us out in rankings. Highly recommended.

Reviver Digital Agency

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High quality servers with fast support. We are using since 2015, no problems.